Roger Williams Zoo, Beavertail, and Newport

The days when we can just wake up in the morning and decide we feel like seeing some Chandlers are winding down. We decided to spend one of them together in Providence, first at the zoo and then at Beavertail (everyone’s favorite place – you know it’s true). I remembered Roger Williams Zoo as a decent little zoo, and it turned out to be an accurate memory. Many more animals than at poor Franklin Park (maybe the weather has something to do with that, in fairness).

As you can see, Ruby was all decked out for a good zoo-going.

Yes, I did explain to Yen that if we go to South Dakota, he can see entire herds of these guys. And then he wouldn’t have to be satisfied with a photo of one peeing. Ah, nature.

I’m sure it’s not surprising that Ruby was in a much more outgoing mood with Mom and Dad along this time.

We just loved this little red panda.

Ruby is pretty firmly in the throes of being a Daddy’s girl.

Here’s a moon bear which, as you’ll see in the following photo, may share a common ancestor with Merry.

Jenny taught Ruby that camels say, “Ptooey!”

Here’s Ruby starring in a Del’s Lemonade commercial.

Jenny asked whether she could have a drink. Ruby did the, “Of course!” gesture and handed over her water.

And now enjoy many glorious photos of animals.

After we’d had enough of the zoo, we stopped off for lunch at Mew’s in Wakefield (where I learned that I’m not as tough with spicy food as I thought – or at least not “thermonuclear” tough), then picked up some ice cream from Brickley’s. And finally decided to finish the afternoon at Beavertail. It was windy as hell.

The Chandlers had a pretty long drive home, so they got back on the road after that. We crossed the bridge to Newport.

And naturally ended up at the Cliff Walk.