Spring at the Esplanade

I’m sure you remember a couple of weeks ago we headed to DC to find the cherry blossoms. It turns out if we’d just been a little patient, the blossoms would have come to us here in Boston. Brace yourself for gratuitous shots of beautiful spring blossoms.

This photo represents one of those ridiculous moments when you pass by something you’ve seen a hundred times, and finally notice a giant, wonderful detail about it. Did you notice the ships carved into the sides of the Longfellow Bridge? I sure hadn’t before.

A couple of weeks ago, we got a crazy heat wave. I believe it actually got into the low 80s for a couple of days. Which naturally tricked all of the trees into thinking the world was ready for flowers. Some have managed ok, as you’ll see in a minute. But the magnolias are in big trouble.

The cherry trees seem to be made of stronger stuff, though. They still look great.

We saw a couple of teams getting ready for the Dragon Boat Festival, which is coming up soon.

Our day was nearly spoiled when Bobby Orr tried to kill me for coming onto what he called his “turf.” Not pictured: when I successfully defended myself using only a spork and some twine. Coming soon: why on Earth we were standing outside the Garden on such a lovely day.