A Visit to the Zoo

I keep forgetting that I can request zoo, aquarium, and other passes through work. It’s such a nice benefit for Yen and the kids. But I remembered a few weeks ago and we finally had decent weather, so off they went.

It turns out the zoo has some special visitors! I asked Mina how they got through there without being eaten. Mina said, “We sneaked!” Then she said, “Actually, I cartwheeled, and Linus sneaked.”

Andean Condor! You never know when you’ll see him – he’s very shy.

Yen and I often joke that the kids love everything about the zoo except for the animals. The playground is definitely their favorite part.

By the way, in case you’re curious: they said most people were not masked.

Their favorite part of the day turned out to be feeding the budgies. When they came home, they wanted to make more birdseed sticks and go outside. I told them the birds around here wouldn’t go for it.

Linus also surprised Yen by getting very excited about the Monarch butterfly display.

The T-Rex you saw at the beginning was part of a nighttime display, just like this photo below. Maybe we’ll make it back in the dark before it ends.