Hand Stand

Mina is incredibly goal driven. She decides she wants to be able to do something, and then she endlessly works on it until she masters it. Sometimes to the point where we all start yelling at her to take a break. But still, she persists. Whistling, painting, reaching the bathroom light switch – the list could go on and on.

Right now her goal is a hand stand. I’m not sure where she got the idea, but she won’t let it go. I found a YouTube video of a girl demonstrating how to master it, and Mina has probably watched it 30 times now. Studying. And now she practices it as often as we’re willing to help.

One technique she invented on her own is to use the couch to build up her core. Watch:

But her favorite technique is to copy what’s shown in the video, which involves stretching progressively toward the final move. I’ve been helping her by holding her feet, but yesterday she tried it against a wall. She’s incredible. Watch how controlled her dismount is.

By the way, Linus filmed this. We’ll work on his camera skills.

Update! Twenty-four hours later she can do it by herself. Next up: no wall!