April, May, and June 2021

Another big post to make up for not posting random little photos the last few months. With things slowly getting back to normal (at least around here), maybe we’ll be out and about more. It’s hard to tell because of course the kids won’t be vaccinated for the foreseeable future. But we’ll do our best.

I believe these first few are from a visit to Acton Arboretum. That place really kept us going this year.

I bought this sweatshirt for Linus two years ago, but I’ve never seen him wear it. I guess Mina has moved in.

I posted a few photos from my phone before of our long weekend on the Cape, Here, finally, are Yen’s. Writing this now when it’s 86 and humid, it’s hard to remember how cold we were on that beach.

Linus found part of a horseshoe crab.

And Mina briefly considered a career as a lifeguard.

Back at home, Mina did dishes – which is a full-body workout.

Linus made a potty for Bartleby. I’m so glad she’s housebroken.

Linus’s obsession with hubcaps continues. I think he’s got 13 now.

If you squint in some of these next photos, you’ll be able to see that Grandma and Grandpa finally got to come visit!

Our beauty bush was particularly stunning this year.

And I’ll leave you with some of Mina’s favorite looks.