Video Stars

The kids are on a video-making kick lately. The results are full of in-jokes and probably only amusing to me, but I thought they’d be worth sharing anyway.

Linus has been studying how people make YouTube videos, and observed that many include someone explaining a concept, and that they often include music. So he carefully selected music (“Jingle Bells”) for this video in which he invents a topic to discuss.

Mina steals the show, of course. She tries to be supportive starting around the 0:20 mark by repeating key terms. Then she just gets bored and… Well, you’ll see.

After being interrupted, Linus decides to change his art over to an action film and jumps on the trampoline. Then it all dissolves into a fake fight.

Like any actor, Linus eventually decides he wants to direct. The camera turns out to be more interesting than the subject.

Now it’s the next day and Linus is back. This time he decided that videos should silently demonstrate before explaining the story.

Finally Mina feels left out and wants to make a video. Linus keeps bumping me, which is why you can hear whispered scolding.