Summer Days

We are managing to stay busy lockd up inside our house. Here are a few of the activities keeping us from going crazy.


Both kids are avid artist, spending much of the day sketching, coloring, or painting. They are both practicing letters, and Linus has made a lot of progress toward learning to read. They are such committed students that lately they’ve been including Bartleby in their lessons so she can become a more sophisticated sea cow.

The output of these efforts is always beautiful, and occasionally a window into the workings of their funny little minds. Here’s Mina’s recent drawing, which she tells me is a visit to a cemetery.

Like most of you, I’m sure, we have delayed a number of medical appointments in an effort to limit our exposure to the world. Dr. Mina is filling the gap.

With loads of jokes around about gaining the “covid 19,” we are managing to keep our weight down – in fact Yen is losing. It’s not for lack of trying to gain, though, particularly with such a professional chef in the house.

Here she’s been playing with the apple corer.

Yen and the kids to venture outside. Here they are at a local spray deck (without masks…).

That same day the stopped off to pick up some takeout for lunch. I guess Mina’s little butt got hot while she was waiting?