July 1 – 11, 2020

Glasses on, folks! It’s summer!

Here is Mina the police relaxing with a popsicle. We’ve been making them out of guava juice, which the kids really enjoy.

Linus has been combining his dual interests in drawing and decomposing bodies lately. Here he is with his interpretation of the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark (which he hasn’t actually seen). At the top is an unrelated scene of his favorite things: a particular style of fan he admires (but we don’t own – he keeps reminding me), and a pretty awesome car about to be towed.

A little note about the attire in this post so far: it is HOT. This is easily the hottest summer I can remember. We were reading some past posts yesterday and I noted (four years ago) that we were having one day each week in the 90s. Now every day is in the 90s for weeks on end, and it’s making it very challenging to keep these active kids amused.

Still, we had a nice nice weather for the weekend of the 4th, and actually ventured into Boston and Castle Island. I was pretty alarmed by how few people were wearing masks, but we had a nice time.

We continued our Grand Day Out by picking up some banh mi for a picnic, and then wandering a bit in the arboretum.

Really the best way to stay cool is by visiting Walden Pond – when it’s not closed for bacterial overgrowth, that is. We are really missing the beach right now.

One afternoon the kids decided we should dine outdoors on the driveway. They set up tables and chairs, and afterward the ants had a feast.

Here’s an evening hike at the local arboretum. We are continuing our evening jaunts while I still don’t have a commute to worry about.

Mina turned herself into a little burrito on the floor.

The big activity this summer is the skate park. I was pretty nervous about the kids going to the big park in Boston with all of the big skaters, but everyone has been very sweet to them.

This little daredevil…

We have a tamer version near our house. Listen for the little grunt Mina makes when she’s powering up the ramp. Same one she uses for tennis!

The skate park is part of a larger system of parks near the water.

Yen has also been taking them to bike the Esplanade.

Here’s Nana back at home, relaxing.

Self portrait by Mina – including the skirt!

We celebrated Mina’s half-birthday with a berry poke cake!

Poor Bartleby. In a fit of rage a few weeks ago, Linus slammed her to the floor and her eye broken. Yen glued it back, but it keeps falling out again. She may need to visit Grandma Hospital one of these days.