June 2020

Computing can be a dangerous business. It’s best if you protect yourself.

Miss Mina is continuing her dance studies, now with a ballet dress.

Linus has been using the leaf blower a lot lately (he likes a tidy garden). That gave him an idea: What if I pointed it at myself?

Several times this month I took the kids to Acton Arboretum, which is nearby. It had so many wildflowers!

We also found a new hiking trail near our house that is of some kind of historic significance, only… I can’t remember what. It has big rocks!

Mina likes to look her best, even when hiking. And yes, she is hiking in a cemetery. There’s a trailhead in one near our house.

Nana has bigger concerns, like poking mud with a stick.

All of these photos are from a little hiking area near our house – about two miles away as the crow flies. You park in an old cemetery and walk back around a (slightly less) old reservoir. The kids call it The Fun Trail, which really says something.

Looks like love was in the air that day.

What makes it a fun trail? Whoever grooms it has done a nice of job leaving fallen trees along the trail instead of chopping them to bits (as most place seem to), so it’s a long series of balance beams.

As a special treat, we visited Garden in the Woods with Co Ba one Sunday afternoon. The kids loved the stegosaurus sculpture.

This is from another recent finding. It’s at the spot where two rivers come together to form the Concord River, which then makes its way to North Bridge. We call it The Mosquito Trail, but it’s very nice.

When Mina moved into Linus’s room a few months ago, they lost the mattress they used to jump on. So I bought them a little “exercise ring.” Mina is a pro.

For Father’s Day (or Cha’s Day, as we call it), the kids helped me make a cake for Yen.

Our chipmunk woes continued in June. Linus started to get pretty creative with his methods of disposal.

This day – what utter madness! The kids decided to have a picnic on the floor. They brought down all of the fruits they could find. It was cute until we found Mina eating a bunch of tangerines like apples (juice everywhere), and eight apples that had just a few bites taken. I ended up chopping all the apples up for a delicious oatmeal for the week, but good grief what a waste of food!

Yeah, it’s hard to stay mad at her.

The kids were very proud one day of how they dressed up Bartleby.

Mina doesn’t allow me to give her ponytails nearly enough. She doesn’t think they’re as sophisticated as they should be.

Mina made a list – and it’s still taped to the front of the stove – of what she called Important People. The truth is, it’s a ranked order of emotional fragility – people who are most likely to need hugs. She is in the last spot because she is the one who takes care of us all with hugs.

Last month’s post was a collection of Mina photos. Here, then is a collection of Handsome Nana. His hair is getting so long he looks like a K-Pop star. He won’t let me touch it.

You can’t get many photos of Linus without a Bartelby photo bomb. I can’t quite explain her role in the family. She is both his sister and his daughter. Pet. Superhero. Detective. Movie star. He loves and nurtures her.

And of course Mina loves her too!