May 2020

Last Christmas we attended a birthday party next door, and Mina saw a woman wearing her hair in a low ponytail in the back. She also happened to be applying makeup to all the little kids’ faces. All in all, this woman presented the height of glamor as far as Mina’s concerned. Since then, she’s gone on and on that one day she would wear her hair in “one ponytail at the back.” In May she finally achieved her look.

Then she ripped it out and did some painting.

I’m writing this in July so it’s strange to see a photo of Linus in his flannel pajamas. But that’s not really the point of this photo. Instead, look how handsome he is!

Being locked in the house with no museums to flee to, Yen has been doing a serious photo study of his muse, Mina. She loves every minute of it.

Look at her hair! Why does it always look so good and bouncy? She uses it as a napkin, people! Hm. Maybe that’s the secret.

Anyway, doesn’t matter how the hair looks, it’s how it feels when you’re dancing.

I think Mina is more excited about Linus (theoretically) going to school in the fall than he is. In fact, he’s spending a lot of time making arguments for home schooling. Mina, though, she’s trying out the outfits.

She uses the fireplace as a downstairs mirror.

Here she is trying on Yen’s biking glasses.

Co Ba brought this dress for Mina back from her trip to Spain. She has finally started to wear it.

And with it, she is taking on flamenco dancing.

Her flamenco dress works for backyard lounging too.

We are doing so much crafting these days. Yen built this bench for the craft table, and both kids like to kneel while they work.

They also work at the table a lot. Poor Yen is aging rapidly watching us all watercolor on the white quartz.

Lunchtime party!

Poor Linus! These were his favorite chopsticks and he broke them recently. I really must find him another pair of them.

Mina has also rediscovered this dress – which, let’s face it, is really a bit too small.

Here’s a little song Mina wrote about two manatees.

More lunchtime antics.

Linus calls this toy “the one that makes you crazy.” Sometimes he asks to play with it just for the joy of watching me get so frustrated to swear and launch it across the room. How invented this stupid thing?

As an aside, do you notice how thin his face is getting? Just wait ’til I post the July photos. He’s so old!

I often say to Yen that it’s very lucky that we all get along so well, otherwise this whole pandemic would be absolute misery. But even the kids are still happy with each other!

Here’s Mina in Yen’s favorite dress.

Another self portrait. Nailed it!

She does actually rest, if you can believe it. Generally without pants.

At this point her bangs had gotten so long that they were perpetually in her fact and I started in with “brush it aside or I’ll cut it!” You’ll see what happened.

Hey look! It’s Yen! Stay tuned for the next post because I promise there will actually be some photos of Linus too.