We have been plagued by chipmunks this summer. They chewed their way into our shed where I keep the birdseed. They made a nest under the deck. And I can see them eyeballing our young tomato plants.

There was much discussion about what to do, and we first tried a series of homemade traps involving buckets and birdseed to lure them toward danger. Linus even drew helpful instructions for them.

When none of this worked, Linus started lobbying for “a trap that will smash its head! I’ve seen a picture in the store!” I wasn’t quite ready to subject them to that yet – the kids, I mean. Because they will invariably be the ones to discover the carnage. So yesterday (at Linus’s insistence) they went to Home Depot and picked up a good old “have a heart” trap.

They set it up twice last night but each time it had been, ah, implemented incorrectly and the wee beastie got away. Yen figured it out before bed and we all slept with dreams of victory dancing in our heads.

This morning, as he tends to, Linus woke at 5am ready to go. I was up too, so we decided to start the day with a walk. Once we got outside, we saw a still-empty trap. Disappointed, we walked.

When we returned, I noticed a little chipmunk sniffing around the trap and hissed at Linus to stop. We hid behind a tree and watched while it finally triggered the trap and was caught!

Linus immediately woke the rest of the house and they suited up.

Pants are not required for rehoming chipmunks.

Linus, Yen, and a very tired Mina (who would sleep until 8am each day if she only could) climbed into the car to drive the beast across the river and far away. They returned home triumphant and I went upstairs to start my day.

But then I received this video. They’d caught the chipmunk’s mate (friend?) just 15 minutes later!

They drove it across the river, but dropped it at a different location.

The trap is now open and waiting for the next victim. And so is our victorious hunter.