February 11, 2020

Linus is learning to wash the dishes. He likes to sit on the counter and pretend, so Yen finally decided that he can just try to do it for real. He’s pretty good, although I’m not yet confident enough to let him at things that have held raw meat or have food baked on. He’ll get there. Mina, as you can see, is keenly interested.

Speaking of Miss Mina… Today she was running through the house (ironically, she was pretending to be a doctor running to the hospital) when she smacked into the island and cut her head open. It bled a lot as all head wounds do. Yen had to shave some of her hair to make sure the bandage wouldn’t come off, and now it’s all glued and held together with surgical tape. Hopefully it won’t scar, and she’s completely undeterred. All of this happened before I got home, and by then she was tearing through the house again.

At bedtime she asked why I’d asked her so many questions about it – because of course I kept asking if it hurt. I told her the truth: that when babies get hurt, mommies feel scared and sad because we think we didn’t do our job.

She gave me a big wet kiss, paw-promised to paint me a picture tomorrow, and sent me away.