Little Cookers

The kids have always been interesting in helping with the cooking. Remember this?


Or this?


They come by it naturally, of course.

For a long time I was very nervous and limited their involvement to stirring and maybe breaking eggs. But recently I decided that the only way they will really grow to love cooking is to participate in it – sometimes with disastrous results, which they can learn to clean up! So they’ve been chopping a little with butcher knives – very sharp ones and very supervised. And they’ve been helping to make soup. Linus knows how to make a broth now, and he is generally the chief of stirring. Mina is starting to get into the game as well, though at the moment she lacks his attention to detail.

They call themselves “cookers.” As in, “Mama, I’m a good cooker, right?”

Right you are, my love.

Grandpa, try hard not to freak out while you watch this. Just keep in mind that when they help, they eat way more of the meal.