A Bedtime Story by Linus

For context, Bartleby is a stuffed manatee who used to be called Bò Biển (literally: sea cow). That’s before she became a lady and changed her name.*

“Bartleby’s mom was very rude and always shouted, ‘Do this! Don’t do that!’ and so Bartleby called the police. The police came and there were two of them, and they were the same kind of creature as Bartleby because this was her country. This was on Mars. The police said, ‘Well, you should get a new mom.’ So Bartleby looked and looked and finally found a good mom, and that was Mina. She only yelled a little. The end.”


*For what it’s worth, we  have been trying to be super sensitive to her transition. But after 5 years of living with this toy, we sometimes mess up and say, “he” and Linus goes absolutely bananas on us. Which he should. Linus says that all of his friends are ladies now except Cha, whom he calls, “a good man.”