Busy Weekend

We had a seriously active weekend! Or at least a seriously active Sunday. Yesterday was the first truly cold day of the season with a high of 30, so we stayed in most of the day. Linus and Mina did some tumbling in the guest room, though. First they demonstrated a new move they learned in gymnastics on Friday.

Then they said they were going to do forward rolls but mostly ended up doing falls.

The real action was today. We began the day with Ruby T’s birthday party, which was at a trampoline party center. Even Yen got into the action!

After an early lunch of pizza and cake, we decided we should take a hike to burn off all of that energy. We ended up hiking for more than two hours! As we got close to the end, Linus even asked to do another trail before we headed to the car.

At least we headed home for what I thought would be some downtime. Nope, here’s Mina destroying the furniture.

At last we decided we should truly guarantee a good night’s sleep for everyone by going skating. Both kids have gotten so good since I saw them last season!

After a few rotations, Mina came in for a little snack.