The Nap

Today was a monumental day that must be recorded for history: Mina joined me and Linus for our Saturday afternoon nap.

Linus and I have been napping buddies since he was born, but Mina gave up naps altogether when she was about a year old. I can remember one other time when she climbed into the bed, pinned me down with one teeny but terribly strong arm, and went to sleep. Other than that, she typically holds a dance party with a very tired Yen while Linus and I recuperate.

Today they were watching TV while I read, and then Mina suddenly announced that she was tired. She moved around to my other side, threw that arm around my neck, and that was that.

It was bliss: Linus on one side, Mina on the other. And I slept so deeply it felt like a full night.