May 7, 2019

The kids are very busy with outdoor activities lately. Linus had his last skating lesson this week. Unfortunately Yen forgot his helmet, so he had to wear one from lost and found.


Don’t worry: he was only pretending to be upset about the pink. In fact, many nights when I get home, he announces that he needs lipstick. I must say he rocks bright red lips.

Mina cheered from the bleachers as usual. Yen said she gets more exercise during Linus’s skating lessons than he does, because she’s up and down, up and down the whole time.


Here’s the whole class lined up for a photo. Aren’t they cute? I asked why Linus didn’t get a certificate. It turns out he did. He had it under his bum to protect it from being stolen.


Yen has created a tradition: after skating, you warm up by going out for pho. Then you balance everything out by going out for smoothies. Linus brought his zamboni along, which he said was his baby. He told the hostess, “Party of four!” and then fed it vegetables.


So that was Monday. On Friday, they have gymnastics.


That evening, I brought home little Toblerones as a special treat. Mina ate hers like corn on the cob.


Yen has added some schoolwork to each day’s agenda.


Here’s Linus acting out a hike in his room. He’s got stepping stones and the feathers represent skunk cabbage!


The weather has finally gotten nice, so the kids are spending hours in the park.




As if all that wasn’t enough exercise, they’ve also discovered the fitness equipment at the park.