Playgrounds and Cemeteries

Just a few quick shots from the weekend – when Yen was without his camera. We decided to stop by Mt Auburn Cemetery. Partly because Grandma and Grandpa are visiting and we wanted to show them the sites; partly because it’s Spring and we always do; parly because Linus is obsessed with death and some of the advice articles I’ve been reading suggest doing so to normalize the whole thing in their minds.

He’s not being morbid about it, just really… curious. When will he die? When will I die? What will happen to our bodies? Does it hurt? etc. I’m trying to so hard to answer him honestly, but he gets awfully frustrating sometimes. And then there are the times when being frank also makes me emotional. I told him he won’t die until he’s had a long, beautiful life and has babies of his own. And then burst into tears. Luckily he didn’t see.

Anyway, then both kids started picking dandelions, which Mina calls “bandy-yons.”



Now this is a classic Tran family moment: Linus is dancing – in a cemetery – like a flamingo, and Linus and I are discussing flower death.

The next day, Yen took them to their favorite park back by our old house. You can see why they love it.



Isn’t Mina getting awfully tall and skinny?

She looks like a jailbird from an old movie – including the forearm tattoos.