From the Phone Collection

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately – we’re still trying to get settled into the new house (and sell the old one!). But of course Yen sends me photos throughout the day, and I can surely share them with you.

Our new house has a room that the architect called an “exercise room.” I suspect it’s eventually a guest bedroom. But this morning the kids brought down the yoga mats and gave it a shot. The kids actually do a lot of yoga – they really enjoy stretching. Mina says, “Don’t touch me! I’m making yoga!”


Yen and the kids are getting to know the library in our new town. Bedford is a very classic New England town with streets named for people who fought in the Revolutionary War. Here’s a mural depicting it.



And yay, we have parks here too! Looks like a pretty good one – although I haven’t made it over there yet.


I bought Yen and the kids a housewarming present. I never dreamed they’d set it up in the living room.


Linus is all strung out on BBQ chips lately. I got this as a text one morning along with, “Please? Can we?”