Linus Wishes Mommy Would Stay Home

Linus hates Sundays. Usually around 5pm he seems to realize what day it is, because he inevitably asks if I’m staying home the next day. When I explain that I’m not, he gets pretty down.

Tonight after that conversation he disappeared for a bit and I busied myself with packing – until he called me into the playroom where his whiteboard is. He had drawn a picture he said was called, “Linus Wishes Mommy Would Stay Home.” Gut punch! Here it is:


Yes, those are exclamation points. He doesn’t know how to read, but he knows they mean, “Important!” or “Excitement!”

I switched my phone over to video and asked him to explain it to me. Watch closely for the moment when I tell him it’s beautiful, and Mina quips, “Anh hai is not beautiful!”