Party Animals

Last night Yen’s aunt had us and some of his other family over for a little party. As I always suspected, Mina knows how to turn it on when she has an audience. She chatted away with all kinds of observations designed to make the crowd laugh – in Vietnamese, mind you, so I’m not totally clear on everything she said. I do know she was being rather sassy about me and Linus.

At one point, Linus felt she’d committed a faux pas and scolded her. She was so embarrassed. She turned to me and said, “Oh mama, I want to hide!” and collapsed into my arms and wept. The poor thing! Sometimes she really is 2 going on 12.

Later when she’d gotten tired, her words began to fail her. She announced, “I want to go sleep at the… At the… At the… Mama, say what I’m talking.” I offered hotel? “Yes! Hotel.”

Meanwhile our little introvert engineer wanted nothing to do with anything, so I gave him my phone and suggested he take some photos. Thought you’d enjoy a few of them.

First, his feet.

Having taken that, he realized he should get a shot of his face as well.

Then other party guests. Here’s Yen’s chest.

He made us stand at the top of the stairs so he could shoot from below.

Then one of me.

The tree.

And Mina at the piano.

This was Mina’s first encounter with a piano. She really took to it.