The Trans Take London: Day 1

This probably sounds odd, but I’m looking forward to seeing what we did in London. I was there, obviously, but two small children on the move in a city of 8 million meant I had to keep my focus pretty narrow.

We flew Norwegian Air for the first time. It’s a budget carrier for sure: not a lot of room between the seats, and if you don’t upgrade to a package that includes food and drink, you have to purchase everything individually (including water). Still, the entire flight is Dreamliners, so it’s completely new and very modern. The flight to London was overnight (leaving at 9:30pm), so we all hoped to sleep. It didn’t work terribly well. As usual, Mina got the most sleep of all of us (about 2 hours on a 6-hour flight). Linus did the next best at a fitful 1.5. Yen and I had none. Ah, well. The best thing for jetlag is to power through and crash at local bedtime.

Once we checked into our apartment, the first order of business was lunch.


Then we had a series of errands that took us to Victoria Station (to buy transit passes) and the headquarters of the Bank of England (to change Yen’s antique cash).


With that completed, we headed for Hyde Park for a little fresh air.

You’ll notice blue sky and bare arms in this photo. It was sunny and in the mid-70s almost every day! Not quite the weather I wanted out of England (I’m so strange in my love of dreary weather), but everyone else seemed happy.

Please note that Mina’s outfit (horses on the bottom and unicorns on top) was not selected by her. Yen decided they matched beautiful – and Mina did agree.


Another sure-fire cure for jet lag is sampling the local delicacies, such as ice cream.


Mostly we just wandered around and tried to stay awake. As usual, the kids were good natured and essentially ignored their fatigue.

I must say that Hyde Park wasn’t my favorite. This shot is a bit misleading, as the bulk of it is open with only sporadic trees.


We found this art installation in the lake. Linus was fascinated that it wasn’t floating away, so we had a chat about how it might be anchored to the bottom. He also used it as a landmark in later days when we saw it in the distance.


Here’s Mina running alongside the Diana memorial. It’s a pretty little place.



We slowly continued our walk along the lake and back toward a bus stop. Back at the apartment we settled in, and Yen and Linus shopped for groceries. It was an early night with a belly full of pasta, and we all slept 12 hours in preparation for the day ahead.