Staying Cool

It’s been pretty warm the last few days, so the kids have been trying to stay cool – not always with much luck. Saturday morning Ba Noi and Co Ba tried to take them to Walden Pond. But because it was a hot Saturday, the parking lot was full by 10:30am! Today, Yen tried to take them to a sprinkler park near our house, but it turns out that it doesn’t open until June.

Of course Trans always make the best of things. Ba Noi and Co Ba took them for ice cream on Saturday. And today when the sprinklers weren’t available, they decided to go for a hike that includes exercise stations.


Just look at this little party girl. She isn’t disappointed that her swimsuit isn’t wet, she’s just having a good time!






Don’t worry: the did have one successful visit. These photos are from yesterday. The sprinkler park they first visited was closed, but they found another nearby. Did you ever imagine the Boston area had so many different sprinkler parks?