From the Phone Collection

I haven’t shared phone photos in a while. Yen hasn’t been using the big camera much lately – maybe he wore himself out with vacation. But of course we take photos of the kids every day, and I don’t always remember to share them with you.

Most of these were taken at the Museum of Science, which might as well change it’s name to the Tran Museum. The little peanut in the back is Ilse, who Linus simply adores. It was her idea that all the kids should sit together in the chair for a photo.


Back at home, Linus invented a contraption to turn a pinwheel when the humidifier is on. I’m so completely charmed that he did this. And he’s so completely concerned that I’m going to kick it over during the night.


Here we are back at MOS! This time we went to the 4-D theater, which was showing Thomas the Tank Engine. What’s a 4-D theater? Well, your seats rumble along with the show, water sprays on your face, wind blows on your neck, bubbles appear… the movie kind of comes to life. The kids were too short to feel the wind blowing, and Linus declared it “too wet.” But I got a kick out of watching him flinch every time a bird appeared to fly right at him.


We’ve been going out for pho just about every Saturday evening. The kids have finally graduated to their own shared bowl instead of dipping out of ours!


Jenny sent our old My Little Ponies to Mina, who is beside herself. She’s named them: Mina, Mimi, Nani, Orange, and Pink.



Linus plays with them too in his own way.


Here’s Mina back at MOS. Not sure what this belt is all about, but it’s awfully sassy!


Understanding momentum…


This little boss on the phone! Her hand on her hip is just killing me.