Sheep Shearing Festival

Saturday I attended a sheep shearing festival at Gore Place over in Waltham. The weather was just incredible, and I really should have worn sunscreen.

It wouldn’t be a proper sheep-related event without a Border Collie demonstration, now would it?

Here are the sheep, waiting to be shorn. Spellcheck says “shorn” isn’t a word. I ask you, then, what’s the past tense of “shear”?

And there were goats. This little guy hid in the feed trough to escape all the tourists and their cameras. And there were a lot of people running around with cameras snapping photos.

Another batch of sheep waiting for their naked fate.

Here’s Hatal buying sheep-related presents for her young relations.

And here’s Amy trying to find fiber that passed the touch-test of softness (only one package finally did).

I just liked this guy’s face.

And there were alpacas, which Dad says look like something a ten-year-old girl would invent.

And a very tall ox, which perplexed the yankees. “Is it a bull? No? A cow? No? What is it?”