Weekend Update

Yen will provide the “real” photos soon, but I wanted to share a few now.

First up is actually a video from Friday. Yen took a little video of them walking down the street. It was Linus’s idea that they should all hold hands.

Saturday morning I took the kids over to Great Brook Farm with Grandma and Grandpa. That gave Yen a little time off! We hiked, picnicked, and then headed up for ice cream. The kids are trained to pose for photos here. I didn’t even ask them to go over!



The next morning was Hub on Wheels. These kids! They sat happily through all 12 miles. They chatted with people, danced to music Yen and I couldn’t hear, and rang the bell. Of course their favorite part was the party afterward. Mina danced and Linus enjoyed the free food.


We went to Flatbread for a celebratory lunch. This is a little blurry, but you can still appreciate it. Mina just would not take off her glasses through the whole meal. Movie star!