Working Without a Net – Week 1

Ba Noi is off to Vegas for a few weeks to oversee some projects. That means Yen is wrangling two toddlers all on his own. It’s madness, of course. You can imagine how tired he is at night, and how desperate for an hour alone.

But he’s doing an incredible job. And I actually think the kids are giving him a little break.

Throughout the day, he’s sending me updates about their activities. I thought you’d enjoy seeing them too.

First up, some adventures around the house. Here’s Mina dressed and ready to go, but being awfully silly on the way out.


Of course the park is a huge activity each day. The best tactic is to wear them out as much as he can!


Linus is transitioning to his new bike, which means Mina gets his old one. Here I think she’s being a little too greedy and going for the new one.


Some shopping! I asked Yen to pick out some treats for my team at work. Linus’s suggestion was just to buy one giant jackfruit and a knife.


Another day, they headed to the zoo. Mina is wisely a little nervous around the bear. She probably looks like lunch to him!


Yen said he dressed them both in blue-and-white stripes so he could pick them out of a crowd easily. I think the hats probably helped too!


Linus had to go pee. Without anyone else around, Yen had no choice but to bring Mina into the men’s room. He told her, “Stand in the corner until I come out.” And she did!


Thursday was a trip to ride the subway and then visit the aquarium. These kids are pros at public transportation now!


Today they decided to try the commuter rail.



When they arrived in Boston, they changed to the subway and headed for the Museum of Science.


Mina did some experiments with buoyancy. Yen said that someone was fixing a machine, and Linus tried to get in and help him. He knows how it all works!


Unfortunately they missed their train home, so they had to hang out in North Station and kill 50 minutes. No problem for two curious kids!