From the Phone Collection

Most of the posts on here come from Yen’s fancy camera. He downloads them all and sends them to me in bundles. But this is 2017, and of course we take photos on our phones too! I decided to grab everything from the last month and share them with you. Apologies for the quality of some of them, but that’s what you get with a phone instead of Yen’s fancy set up!

First up is poor Linus asleep on the floor. He never does this. I think it’s happened once before. Poor guy was so sleepy after an outing that he just curled up and went to sleep while Yen prepared lunch.


Here’s my girl having lunch at Blue Moon, the greatest restaurant ever. in addition to having great food, they have a play area for the kids. Instead of shushing them, they bring over buckets of toys!


This is from Henry and Ruby’s visit. We got each kid a duckling!


Whenever I give Mina toast and jam, she eats the jam-covered surface and then hands the soggy remains back to me. I suppose I admire her style, but it’s frustrating! Pretty cute, though.


Now, her yogurt eating… She loves the stuff, but every time she eats it evolves into a fingerpainting session. And sometimes hair styling.


Yen is on a real landscaping kick lately, replacing plants we lost to a grub infestation. Linus is his assistant. When I ask him what he’d like to do on Saturday mornings, he says, “Pick up some plants and then ride a wagon.”


Speaking of rides, here he is again on the zoo train. Always alone in a car and always so serious.


Picnic with Ba Noi!


Mina looks like a little movie star at the park with her big hat and glasses. I think her real identity is probably safe.



Linus has been arranging pinwheels all around the family room in an attempt to harness the wind from the ceiling fan. Mina’s in the corner moving so fast that she’s just a blur.



The kids love this garden center. So many spinning things!


Back at the zoo, Linus is riding something other than a train! Yen thinks the driver of this ride likes Linus because she always lets him go a little long. Linus says he likes her too. The kid is a real sucker for a pretty woman.


Mina shopping.



Linus loves to put a bunch of wood chips at the bottom of the slide and then slide into them, scattering them everywhere. Yen made a video of it, and Linus likes us to pause the video right on the moment when he sends them flying.


One day when they all went to the grocery store, Linus spooted something parked outside. The fire fighters were inside getting lunch, so the kids posed for photos.



The kids love to put lotion absolutely everywhere. Except Desitin isn’t lotion!