April 18 – May 27, 2017

Another long stretch between posts. Busy family! And all with theatrical faces, as you’ll see. First up is Linus, with his familiary Monkey Face.


And then Mina. I’m not sure what she was doing here, but it went on for quite a while. Maybe just some warm-up stretches?




Mina and I were waiting for a train so we could head into Boston for an outing.


And here are our little pros riding the train as if they do it every day.




Mina chose the ship on the carousel. I guess she likes the wind in her hair.

North End

Poor tuckered out little girl. You can always tell how sleepy she was when she went to bed by how she sleeps. If she’s very, very tired, she does this bum-up position. More relaxed and falling asleep gradually, she ends up all sprawled across the mattress.


Wow, Linus allowed Mina to join him in his bed! I’m guessing there was no sleep during this visit, but probably a whole lot of jumping.


Linus loves to feel everyone’s cheeks. When he’s drinking his milk, he always reaches over to hold your cheek or ear.






Here’s Linus’s activity wall. Whenever he makes something at the library, we put it up so we can all admire it.


Mina’s table manners leave a little to be desired. At least she eats!


Isn’t Linus looking awfully grown up these days? His face is getting slimmer, I think. Which seems impossible given how skinny he is.

The kids love sitting on the front step so they can watch the cars and birds. They also helpfully point out all of the bugs and spiderwebs.


I often think how much Mina looks like her Aunt Jenny. You can really see it here.


This is a doll that Yen and Tho had when they were little. We mostly keep it in the cabinet so it won’t get messed up, but sometimes Mina gets to play.


I’m not sure her maternal instincts have come in yet. She often has to be reminded not to hit the baby.


Here’s Linus scouting locations for our picnic at Drumlin Farm.

Drumlin Farm

Drumlin Farm

Drumlin Farm

On the far right – just at the edge of the photo – is a fairy house someone built up against a rock. Linus checked it out for quite a long time.

Drumlin Farm

Mina still loves chickens. She was yelling back at them.

Drumlin Farm

Drumlin Farm

We went to the Museum of Science, of course. Mina discovered the lunar module and absolutely refused to get out. She sat quietly inside as other kids came and went. I even crawled inside at one point to join her (and smacked my head for the effort). It took a lot of coaxing to get her back out again.

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

We told him, “That’s why you have to brush your teeth!”

Museum of Science


Linus really does love Mina most of the time. Sometimes she runs away from his kisses, but he keeps pursuing.


I’m not sure why, but I find this photo incredibly funny. I think it’s the scowl and the tummy. And the fact that she’s just standing in the road like that.

Frankin Park Zoo

This was the week when we were supposed to go to Vegas. We ended up canceling because we were so incredibly stressed by the idea of a cross-country flight with two kids. So we ended up doing a staycation, and now we have a large credit with Southwest to use before next Spring!

Anyway, we ended up going to the other zoo, the one that’s in Boston during this week. We actually went twice!

Frankin Park Zoo

Frankin Park Zoo

Linus now refers to the zoos as “the zoo with the little train” and “the zoo with the big train.” It helps us to know which one he expects to visit.

Frankin Park Zoo

Frankin Park Zoo

Frankin Park Zoo

Isn’t this sweet?


Mina increasingly wants to wear sunglasses in the car now – because the rest of us do! When she gets them on, she always looks all around her. I suppose it’s funny for the colors to suddenly change.


These kids are so tough! We go for a “hike” at least once each weekend, and neither of them wants to be carried (usually). They just roam around exploring. It’s takes quite a long time, but each of them can usually handle a whole mile!

Sudbury hike

Mina does NOT like staying on the trail. Don’t worry – we always do thorough tick checks at night before bed. We also use the trick of putting all clothes in the dryer (on high) for 10 minutes when we get home.

Sudbury hike

Sudbury hike

Sudbury hike

I got Linus a little book of watercolor paint. He is usually more interested in just painting with the water, though.


Frankin Park Zoo

Frankin Park Zoo

“Where did you say we were going?”
“You know… I don’t remember.”

Stone Zoo


T train at the zoo with the small train is actually too big for Mina, but doesn’t allow adults. So Linus goes by himself. He likes to sit in an empty car (no other kids), and just calmly goes around in a circle.


Little Mina and her money… Remember that she chose it from her birthday tray?


Yen sat next to Mina one day while she was watching TV. I guess she was concerned that Stinky and Dirty wouldn’t find their way out of the mess this time?


But they did!



You think he likes trucks? Maybe a little?


I brought home this paper from work – saved it being thrown away, I mean. Linus has filled it with stickers. Mina often comes over to admire, and to make sure all of the stickers are pressed down correctly.


It was awfully hot one day, so Mina hung around in just a diaper, and Linus went without pants.



“Hey! I’ve gotten all these texts and you never said!”


A walk at Ward Reservation. The plants are as tall as Mina already!

Ward Reservation

Ward Reservation

Ward Reservation

Fun fact: Yen and I originally planned to get married on this spot, but it rained!

Ward Reservation

Ward Reservation

Ward Reservation

Mina calls flowers “fah-fah.”

Ward Reservation

Another trip to the zoo! Can you tell we recently renewed our membership?





An Andean Condor! When we first came in, he had his wings all spread out. Wish we’d gotten a photo of that!



Linus is ready for pedals, I think. But I’m not sure we’re ready for him to have them – he’ll be so fast! And I guess that will mean Mina gets to try the balance bike?