December 21, 2016 – January 11, 2017

Linus is becoming a master chef. Everything I make is either stirred, sorted, or otherwise assisted by him. He’s even learning to break eggs (which has been tremendously messy, but he loves it). Here he is helping out with meatloaf (which was delicious, by the way). Like any boy, he loves ketchup!


Meanwhile, Mina is getting more into books. She’s always enjoyed flipping through them, but now she’s starting to pay attnetion to the story and has definite favorites – that she asks for over and over. She particularly loves good old Eric Carle’s, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Who doesn’t?!


Linus and Mina still get along very well. Sometimes they just peacefully coexist. Like here: she was in his path, and he simply rolled over her. And she kept on reading.


Mina and Ba Noi, whom she adores!


Mina still likes to hang out alone under the dining room table. I think it may be her little quiet space.



Here we are Christmas eve, cleaned up to visit our friends Scott and Alison. Yen tried hard to snap a photo. The kids mostly played along. It’s too bad we can’t manage more family photos, but we’re always running in different directions.


Guess where we are. That’s right! The Museum of Science. Ruby and Ethan joined us for this visit, because Susie had to go to Korea for a funeral. Yen did a good job of helping to keep Tan company during the week.

Museum of Science

Linus (with wild bed head) playing with the circuits up in the Discovery room.

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Back at home and playing trucks! Mina isn’t interested so far in dolls or stuffed animals. She wants the trucks! Note the look of furious concentration on her face.


This picture really gets me. She’ll probably hate it one day. So many of her pants have little  things on the bum. They’re just so cute when she’s running around. We say to each other, “Look at that little cupcake!” or “There goes that little crab!”


Mina’s primary hobby right now is rushing around the house pushing this bee. She’s fast and precise, like a little polo pony. She can run straight toward the wall and then squeals to a halt right before she hits the wall. Then she pivots and heads off again in another direction.




Mina, you have something on your face…



I think I’ve mentioned before that Linus has a few toys that are designed to be taken apart. They’ve got big screws that he can remove with a little screwdriver or a drill. He loves them. He can take them completely apart and put them back together again – usually with no assistance at all.


I forgot about this! We were reading a book and he set up a little station to listen. I love his foot rest (it’s a box of wipes)!


Another outing: this time into Boston to check out the ice rink at Government Center. The joke was on us: it was closed for the weekend.

Faneuil Hall, Boston

My little man about town loves going into the city. On this particular visit, he was stalking pigeons.

Faneuil Hall, Boston

Government Center, Boston


Have I mentioned that Linus picks out his own clothes now?





Two funny things here: First, he’s using his dump truck as a garage for other trucks. And second, you can see the little hair clips in the foreground. He likes it when I attach them to his fingers, then he runs around clicking them.




Not much snow yet this year (yet, I said). But we did get enough for Linus go to sledding again.



Little cutie. Doesn’t she look like she’s working on a project with her marker and drill?



Back at – you guessed! – the Museum of Science. Mina liked the little brass animals.

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Museum of Science

Mina is finally allowing us to put her glasses on – sometimes. She won’t leave them on very long yet, but we’ll get there. Eye protection is important!


It looks as if Yen put Mina into a little jacket I bought a couple sizes too big – I figured it would be good for her next fall. She’s certainly cute in it!