Monday Morning Field Trip

Yen and Linus take field trips nearly every day, but today Mina came along.

They went to story hour at the library! I’ve been after Yen to try it. Partly because one of my earliest memories is walking down the stairs at the library in Clarinda to go to story hour. But also because it’s good for them to be around other kids. Unfortunately it’ll probably turn out to be good for their immune systems, but good is good!

Anyway, here’s Mina surveying the scene.


If there’s a frog in a room, Linus will always find it. Check out his snazzy shorts!


A bit blurry, but here are Ba Noi and Mina taking in the story. Linus is probably still looking at that frog.


After story hour was finished, they checked out the stacks. Linus is a real pro at the library now. He knows his way around well and picks out lots of books. I always enjoy coming home to see what he’s chosen.


A selfie of Yen, Mina, and some cranes!



After the library they stopped off at the hardware store. Poor Yen. I destroyed the garage door this morning – well, just a little. Looks like he’ll have it fixed in now time with a little help from Mina.