December 16 – Jan 3

You’re not going to see the holiday photos you would expect in this post. We had two very low-key holidays. We didn’t set up a tree, and we didn’t even wrap most of Linus’s presents. Really the only thing we did that was holiday-related was to walk around the neighborhood every night and check out the lights on our neighbors’ houses. Linus liked that well enough, so why do more when we’re in the last few days before Little Sister arrives? Next year I’m sure will be a different story.

So what did we do? In addition to quiet days playing with Linus, we also visited our regular museums. Here’s Linus with his favorite raccoon sculpture at the Wenham Museum again.

Wenham Museum

Our friends Tan and Susie let us borrow this little bumblebee scooter because their kids aren’t the right age (Ruby is way too old for such silliness, and Ethan is just learning to sit up on his own). Linus loves it, and patrols the house each evening on it.


He also likes to flip it upside down and perform basic maintenance checks.


We also went to the Harvard Museum again – it’s free on Sunday mornings, after all. Here’s one of the few photos of an exhibit that Yen got to snap in between running after a very fast Linus.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

He may look like he’s hoping to ask a question, but really Linus is yelling about the fans. This museum is covered in ceiling fans, but almost none of them is every running. That just enrages him. We joke that he’s going to ask to speak to the manager one of these days.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

One day he will really love this museum, though. Cases upon cases of animals to look at.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Right now, though, his favorite “exhibit” is the back stairs that lead up to the balcony.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Linus is the microwave supervisor and the laundry supervisor. He manages me while I load the machines, and also makes sure I don’t let anything sit unattended for very long. Lately he also wants to sit in front of the washer with me, watching the clothes spin around. He makes huge circles with his arms while he watches.



Tuckered out in the car after one of our outings.


I call this Shunting the Chairs, mainly because we watch so much Thomas and Friends these days, and it’s on my mind. He likes it when I sing, “Clickity-clack!” while he does it.



Yen fixed up one of his trucks with a little string so he can pull it along.



This is an outfit that Linus was quite proud of. He loves his slippers and insists on wearing them all around the house. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, I even have to put them on over his pajamas. Then he discovered this vest, and wore it for three days straight, getting very upset if anyone tried to unzip it.



Linus is crossing into the realm of “I can do it myself!” specifically where food is concerned. He so wants to eat by himself, but hasn’t figured out the mechanics of the utensils yet. We’ll get there!



He also checks to make sure that I don’t have a more interesting meal than he has.


And sometimes that means I lose my dish.


Here are Linus and Cha doing that sidelong look I love so much.


And then collapsing on the floor cracking up at himself!



Sometimes I get to make the look with him! And yes, that’s his hand buried in my shirt. He’s very interested in my breasts right now.



One night Linus got one our shopping bags down and put the strap around his neck. Then he roamed the kitchen looking like a peanut vendor.






And… back to the Museum of Science, of course!



We have a membership, so it doesn’t really matter… But we discovered there’s a whole section of the museum that you can get into without paying. It even has a little hands-on discovery center where kids can play with exhibits like this vacuum system Linus is playing with here.




He was fascinated, and played for a long time. Of course, there’s always a moment when all the dads standing around can’t resist and start playing too in order to “improve” things. Yen did a noble job of resisting, but we stepped away when the other dads got out of control.


Yen has been trying to take more close-up photos of Linus’s little face. Those eyelashes!