I read an article yesterday on the importance of playing with low-tech toys with your kids – as in, get down on the floor and play with the toy, make the noises, and let them see you using the toy for all kinds of imaginary stories. This instead of getting them something electronic that basically mesmerizes them so you can read email or do the dishes.

I’d say we’re doing pretty well. Much of the credit is down to Yen, who clearly loves playing with Linus’s toys just as much as Linus does. In fact, our bedtime routine involves watching 20 minutes of Thomas the Tank Engine while Linus has his milk, and I think Yen is actually the biggest fan in the house. He knows all of the songs, all of the trains’ names, and he’s researched the geography of Sodor and shares facts with me as we watch. It’s really no wonder Linus simply adores his Cha.

Anyway, a coworker’s daughter has outgrown all of her Thomas stuff, so he sold me the lot for $50. Which is crazy. There must be at least $500 worth of stuff in the collection. We were going to save it for Christmas, but Yen just couldn’t stand it anymore and set it up in the basement last night. I made dinner. Then I ate dinner. Then I watched the clock, and after an hour I decided they needed to come upstairs because it was getting so late. But first I captured a couple of videos of them playing. They may not be the most exciting videos you’ll see today, but they show two boys happily setting up trains together. I love it.