December 1 – 16

December came up so fast! I guess I could make a similar statement at the start of each post. I feel as if every day just flies away from me now. I wish I had more time to just sit and cuddle with Linus, as we’re doing here in this photo.


Here’s Linus doing his little army crawl. I don’t know why he’s doing it in this particular spot. Usually he does this when he comes to the stop of a staircase. He fell once (scariest moment ever), but now he’s got reasonable caution when it comes to stairs. The sign that he’s headed down is he immediately drops to the ground and begins to scoot backward like a little crab. He did it last weekend at a museum, and one of the other visitors said, “Wow, that’s a really safe way to go down the stairs.”


Here we are meeting Santa! Linus would not allow Santa to touch him, which is why I’m in the photo too.

Seasons 4 Lexington

Seasons 4 Lexington

Linus has been practicing stacking up these containers, and then carrying them all over the house.



He loves chewing on ramen packages. I’m not sure whether he even likes ramen!


Here are my boys outside on an unusually warm day, enjoying the sunshine.


We stopped off in Burlington (the next town over) Center, which has so many Christmas lights. I didn’t realize until we stopped that they also had a sleigh with reindeer.



“Bye! See you Christmas eve!”


We went to a Christmas party at Co Betty’s, as we do each year. They surprised me with a nice cake for Little Sister. Then they successfully guessed her name! I’m not revealing it here until the big day. Sorry!

Betty's Christmas party

Linus loved the Christmas tree, and reaffirmed for me that we were right not to get one.

Betty's Christmas party

Here’s Ruby’s little brother, Ethan. I don’t know whether you’ve seen him before. He’s getting very big! It’s nice that Linus will have so many kids around to play with.

Betty's Christmas party

Betty's Christmas party

Yen finished decorating Little Sister’s room – that’s why there are little pieces of masking tape on the wall.  Meanwhile, Linus used his computer for a little work.



I’m sad this photo is out of focus, because it’s so darned cute!