Mom, Dad and David actually drove 16 hours (one way) to come out here for Thanksgiving this year. That’s what having a baby in the family does to you! Jenny does all of the work and I get the benefit of seeing everyone.

They started with a visit to my house, and because I was happily between jobs, I was able to take them on long field trips.

First, we started with New Hampshire, and Lake Winnipesauke, to be exact. Mom visited a quilt store whose catalog she receives even in Illinois, and then we decided that a hike would do us all some good. Locke Hill seemed like the perfect answer, because the trails were pretty easy and there would be a view of the lake.

That was a lot of driving for people who had just come from the Midwest, so the next day we decided to take it easier and headed up to Plum Island. We didn’t see any particularly thrilling birds (just a ton of coots), but I was surprised to see a lot of starfish washed up from the tide. We ran around and rescued as many as we could.

And… since we were all the way up there, we might as well visit Rockport, right?

The next day, we piled into the car and drove the Connecticut.

Which brings us to the photos you really want to see.

I’m loving her Buddha belly.

I couldn’t resist: I just had to buy her this kimono. I think she likes it.


And of course a little coat for her Christmas photos (those photos coming up soon!). I like that she wanted to combine the outfits.