Linus: October 25 – 31

I’m dropping the “week” designation from the titles of these posts. It’s getting hard to count and keep track now that he’s so old!

Isn’t this photo great? Like, “The young sailor considers the horizon.” Only this is just Linus, hanging around the house in slippers, wondering what to do next.


Our aquarium membership will expire soon. I’m sure we’ll renew it, but we feel a little pressure to get lots of use out of it. Linus still doesn’t understand that he can’t splash the rays, but we’re working on it.


Wow, this looks like he’s interacting with a real turtle, doesn’t it? They’ve converted the whole downstairs into a sort of turtle hospital display. No real turtles, of course, just little interactive exhibits so kids can learn about rescuing turtles that get stranded in the cold water.


Here’s Linus craning for a view of the sea lions. Now you’re probably noticing a little scratch between his eyes. He has a bad habit of standing on things that weren’t designed to be stood upon. This particular time, he stood, slipped, and smacked his head on the corner of one of his big activity centers. It’s a pretty shallow scratch and barely bled, but it’s very wide. By now the scab has come off and he’s got a little pink scar. I keep assuring Yen that it will fade.


After the aquarium, we decided to walk over to the North End for lunch. Linus really liked this little plaza on the way.



He’s very into manhole covers right now. I hope he doesn’t start experimenting with throwing things down.


The area was getting set up for what I assume is a Spartan Challenge or some other such nonsense. We tucked Linus into one of the tractor tires.


He loves boats lately. Here he is checking out a few with Yen.


I stopped to pose for a photo and got a kiss!



Linus’s current hobby is rescuing things from the recycling bin and using them for drums or other toys. He particularly loves an oatmeal container.