Swimming Lessons – Update

Our brave young swimmer is still enjoying his swimming lessons. He’s got one more class next week, then a two-week hiatus before the Fall session begins. He’s the littlest guy in the class – by an entire year, I would estimate.


He’s getting more into the action of actually trying to swim (I think?) instead of just being pushed through the water by Yen. At about the 00:29 mark of this video, watch as he suddenly seems to say, “Oh right. I could move my arms and something might happen!”

His favorite part of the class is still playtime. All of the kids “swim” over and pick out a toy to splash with and chase around the pool for five minutes. He usually starts with a ball, but somehow ends up with something else by the end of the session.

Here’s a little close-up as they come over to say hello to me.