Franklin County Fair

Remember how irked I was by The Big E? Not the company, of course. But the lack of animals and pies made by teenagers then adorned with ribbons? I’ve been looking out for a proper fair since then and had it on good authority from Garth that the Franklin County Fair might just be the one.

You know you’re among good people when the guy running a parking lot out of his adjoining meadow runs around putting cardboard under each car in order to prevent oil and other nastiness from leaking into the soil. With that auspicious start, we crossed through onto the midway.

I snapped a photo immediately.

And promptly discovered my camera’s batteries were dead. No, the lady in the information booth told me, there was nowhere to buy more. Ok, well, I have a phone. So please pardon the quality of these photos. They’ve got a bit of Star Trek lighting going on, and occasionally a halo appears. But this quality fair is documented, and that’s all that matters.

These are baby snapping turtles, about two weeks old. Adorable!

And going to grow into the giant beast you see stuffed here.

I was surprised to only find dairy cattle. But either we didn’t look hard enough or, duh, there’s not a big beef industry in Franklin County, Kate.

Here are Tanya and Chris preparing for a little lunch. On your left, french fries with cheese served in what looks like a dog bowl. On your right, fried dill pickles.

Which Tanya can now cross off her bucket list (yes, they were on it – haven’t I told you about the Pickle Accord?).

And as we left, Chris got his farmer on.

Don’t think for a moment we didn’t stop by Atkins Farm on the way home and buy cider doughnuts.