Linus – Weeks 31 through 33

As you can see from this first photo, we are having a lot of fun with Linus in our lives. His little personality is out in full force now, and you can definitely tell what he thinks about everything he encounters throughout the day. Whether it’s spitting out food when he’s had enough (puh-tooey!) or cramming things into his mouth to see how it tastes, Linus is making a strong impression on the world around him.


Right now Linus’s absolute favorite hobby is practicing standing up. When we put him in front of a mirror to do it, he’s overjoyed. He’s very good at standing, and can balance as he twists and turns to see what’s happening. Still no interest at all in crawling. Maybe he will just skip over it?


This is some kind of ritual for Linus. When he stands in front of a mirror, he reaches one hand (palm open) toward the sky. Then he places that hand on the mirror for balance and switches over to the other hand. Over and over and over. Hello, everyone! Hello!




When Linus sees his reflection – in any mirror, not just this full-size one – he always kisses the baby in the mirror.




When we fold clothes, we always put Linus in the middle of the bed. He’s started to help with the folding. His help isn’t terribly helpful, and sometimes the clothes need to be washed again after.

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes


Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

Linus helping Cha and Mommy fold clothes

I love this photo. He’s dressed as a polar bear and snuggled up with his polar bear.


He really loves reading, particularly if the book is interactive. This one has little lady bugs raised on the page, and he likes to “count” them with us. Yen reads this one to him a lot, which is helping me learn to count in Vietnamese. He also loves books that have flaps so he can reveal something, or a texture he can touch (such as one that has monkey “fur”).


Here’s a little set of photos of Linus sleeping. They’re so cute they don’t require further explanation, I think.



In addition to using the mirror to practice standing, Linus likes to use this little activity cart to practice walking. He’s very, very determined.

Linus visiting Cha

And sometimes he just practices with assistance from us. Isn’t his little bow-legged stance adorable?


Here we are playing “Itsy Bitsy” with fierce concentration. “Out came the sun…”


This picture reminds me of one of Yen when he was a little older than Linus is now. I’m putting it below so you can see.



Linus loves to stand at the window in the mornings and evenings so he can watch the cars. No matter how irritable he is, this always calms him down.









We’ve been taking Linus out to eat more often now that he is more adventurous with his food. Here he is in a little French-style cafe with our friend Sue. He had a big plate of eggs (not pictured – sorry).

Lunch at the Spot Cafe (Watertown) with Sue Black

Unfortunately we have to scrub the edge of the table before he sits down, because he always samples it.

Lunch at the Spot Cafe (Watertown) with Sue Black

Here he was being nosy and watching the couple at the next table. They were also a mixed couple, and I imagine they were thinking, “I hope our baby is that cute!”

Lunch at the Spot Cafe (Watertown) with Sue Black

The weather is getting a little warmer, so we’re taking our evening walks again. Most of the time Yen carries Linus in the backpack, but here we bundled him up in the BOB because it was still pretty cold. He prefers the backpack. In the BOB, he goes right to sleep. We’re looking forward to using this later in the Spring when we’ll bring him along as we run.




He likes to hold his own bottle now. Unfortunately he starts playing with it halfway through the email, and usually needs a bath afterward.



Linus is still a terrific eater. He always samples whatever we’re having for dinner. So far he likes just about everything, and is at least willing to try.


He loves his toes. When we put socks on him, they’re off again a few minutes later so he can access those toes. Bare feet are also easier to stand on. It’s a good thing it’s getting warmer.




Linus moves all over his room, exploring and seeing what he can find. Sometimes that leads to difficult situations like this.


Another nap. He still has three each day: one around 9:00, one around 11:30, and one around 2:00. Unfortunately they’re always about 30 to 40 minutes. The only way I’ve found to help him sleep longer is to crawl in with him. We took a two-hour nap together once!



I’m not sure whether the bear or the manatee will end up being his “lovey.” I’m thinking of ordering a second of each just in case.


Here’s our little engineer at work, figuring out how to move that monkey.