The Concord Museum

Mom visited us this weekend, and we wanted an outing for Sunday that was unique, but not so big that it would overwhelm Linus. We ended up going to the Concord Museum. They have all kinds of artifacts from the history of Concord – which is long and rich, of course.

This is (allegedly) one of the lanterns that was put in Old North Church (“One if by land…”) to warn of the coming British.

There’s a lot of Emerson at this museum, of course. This is his study.

A statue of Uncle Tom and Little Eva. Part of an exhibit on abolitionists.

Another view of Emerson’s study. I thought it was interesting that these items were even preserved. One of the guides hanging around said that a local man collected as many artifacts as he could from the local celebrities, and it was from his attic that the museum originally sprang.

Here’s Linus studying the study instead of smiling for the camera.

The sculptor who made the Lincoln statue for the Monument was a local (Concordian?). Here’s one of his early casts.

And here’s Linus not posing and not studying the guns (fine with me!). Yikes. A little blurry, eh? Sorry!

He was far more excited when we got upstairs to an exhibit on illustrating children’s books. He found this little tuffet and settled in.

I read to him from “Goodnight, Moon” until he realized it was a bedtime story and staged a revolt (not pictured).

Also upstairs was an exhibit on the history of bedrooms in colonial America. More interesting than it sounds!