Linus had his first taste of phở today. He loved it (naturally – it’s in his genes!). The only surprise was just how much he loved it. The moment the spoon goes away, he starts protesting for more.

In case you aren’t familiar with phở, it’s a traditional Vietnamese beef soup. It’s so traditional that when most people say, “I love Vietnamese food!” they’ve only ever had phở. It’s basically a bone broth made from knuckle bones and other similar “throw away” parts. You cook it for a long, long time to get all of the flavor out. Then it has ginger, onion, anise, rock sugar, fish sauce – all kinds of things added. It’s finally strained so the broth is clear. You serve it by adding rice noodles, various small pieces of beef, and then adding fresh aromatic herbs like Thai basil, onion, and lime juice. You can sound like a pro by pronouncing it like this: “fuh?” The question mark is an important detail.