First Day of School (sort of)

Not quite the cliche “first day of school” picture, but here’s Linus enjoying his odd first day of school: This first day is a Zoom call for 30 minutes. He’ll have his first real day actually at school on Friday…

Trick Scooting

Linus saw Yen do this one day and decided he should try it. We were all certain he would crash, but look what he pulled off! I think we can agree he’s ready for skiing now.

Fake ID

Linus has been asking for a driver’s license, so Yen made him one. Think he can use it to get into clubs?

A Day at the Park

Too much energy? Maybe you should go to the park with the kids. It’s electrifying! Sure, the park is fun. But what Linus and Mina really enjoy is the fitness area. Never mind that all the equipment is sized for…



Mina and I enjoyed an afternoon painting together. It’s one of my favorite activities. She’s very proud of this particular project because she practiced so much blending.

July 12 - August 16, 2020

July 12 – August 16, 2020

Everybody drop! It’s a dance party on the floor! OK, now change all your clothes because we’re going biking. Forget it! Let’s go to the park and jump off rocks! You can’t tell it from the photos in this post,…


The kids decided to set up a stand selling steamed peanuts along the road. It was not a successful venture. However, I really liked this detail from the operation. It means you need to wear a mask to buy.

Big Nana

Yen came downstairs carrying Linus, who said, “Take a picture quick! I’m getting do big he won’t be able to carry me like this much longer!”

Baby Nana

Baby Nana

As you know, Linus’s birthday is coming up Monday. We are spending an awful lot of time noticing how tall and skinny he’s suddenly become. He assures me he’s still my Baby Nana, but sometimes it’s hard to believe!

Video Stars

The kids are on a video-making kick lately. The results are full of in-jokes and probably only amusing to me, but I thought they’d be worth sharing anyway. Linus has been studying how people make YouTube videos, and observed that…

So long!

So long!

The lease on my car has ended, so we returned it to the dealer. The kids were sad to say good-bye and asked to memorialize the moment. In case you’re wondering, we are not replacing it immediately. Yen also has…


Prof Nana explains what happens when a balloon meets a pencil.

Summer Days

Summer Days

We are managing to stay busy lockd up inside our house. Here are a few of the activities keeping us from going crazy. Studying Both kids are avid artist, spending much of the day sketching, coloring, or painting. They are…

July 1 - 11, 2020

July 1 – 11, 2020

Glasses on, folks! It’s summer! Here is Mina the police relaxing with a popsicle. We’ve been making them out of guava juice, which the kids really enjoy. Linus has been combining his dual interests in drawing and decomposing bodies lately….

June 2020

June 2020

Computing can be a dangerous business. It’s best if you protect yourself. Miss Mina is continuing her dance studies, now with a ballet dress. Linus has been using the leaf blower a lot lately (he likes a tidy garden). That…