A Story by Mina

Once there were two bears. They lived alone in the woods. One bear said to the other, “Let’s get ready for Halloween.” The other bear said, “It’s not Halloween yet, you dummy!” But the first bear didn’t care. He got…

Big Girl Biking

After just a couple of weeks of Yen skating behind and pushing her, Mina figured out pedals and started biking on her own! Then Yen worked with her for another week and now she can even start out on her…

Public Service Announcements

Mina’s guide to washing your hands. And how to brush your teeth:

So fuzzy!

So fuzzy!

Mina likes the slippers I got her in Florida.

Junior Scientist

Junior Scientist

Mina got a little microscope for her birthday. She’s examining each of her orange slices before she eats them.

Shake it!

Aunt Jenny got Mina a karaoke microphone for her birthday. Which means I have to get Henry a puppy for his. But anyway, she obviously loves it. The sound quality isn’t great because the dishwasher is on, but here she…

Unicorns and a Call for Submissions

Unicorns and a Call for Submissions

Yesterday afternoon, Linus and Mina demanded hot chocolate. Who am I to deny such a request? I decided to serve Mina’s in a special little mug with unicorns on it, as she’s following in those particular footsteps of mine. As…

Still Singing

Maybe we should find her a busy street corner so we can make some money!

Thằng Cuội

I’ve been begging Yen to get this video for weeks now. Every time this song comes on, Mina belts it out along with the singer. She’s very passionate about it. Meanwhile Linus just chows down on watermelon. It may even…

Mina Sings Goodnight

Mina had started singing her favorite bedtime song along with me. Yen missed the first verse, but he makes it up by capturing Linus’s endless protest.

Mirror Maze

We put a Go Pro on Mina before we turned her loose in the Mirror Maze at the Museum of Science. Two words of caution: This is not a video for those prone to motion sickness. Make sure you watch…

Honey Honey (My Honey)

Mina loves the ABBA song “Honey Honey.” She calls it, alternately, “Honey Honey” and “My Honey.” She demands it probably 10 times each evening during dinner. We indulge, though, because she dances.

Tea Party

Tea Party

We went to the Children’s Museum today. Many more photos to come, but here’s a sneak preview. Mina arranged all of the pots and pans, and then hosted a tea party for every stuffed animal she could find.


Miss Mina has been itching to get her hands on Linus’s bike. We bought him a new one for his birthday, but he’s been slow to try it. In fact, when I suggest it, he says, “No, it will make…

Charm School

Yesterday at lunch Yen gave up and let Mina eat her pho by herself. She was completely covered by the end and left the restaurant without a shirt. You can see how hard this was for Yen – at one…