The Park

The Park

Linus and Yen often go to the park during the day. They often bring his bike, which is why he’s wearing his little helmet. And don’t you love the shades?! Apparently today they were the only ones there! I’m guessing…


A couple of videos from our little hike this weekend. We definitely need to take them out for hikes more often. As you’ll see, Linus really enjoys it.

Look, Mommy. No feet!

Our little daredevil has just started to hold his feet up as he costs along. He’s so fast! Notice about halfway through when he screeches to a halt. That’s what he does when he sees a car. Safety first!



I know I’ve posted photos of Linus and his manatee before, but I can’t resist sharing these from his nap today. Who knew a manatee could be a body pillow.

Still Biking

Linus is getting even better at biking. Check him out around 1:10, when he really gets moving and his little feet barely touch the ground – just enough to propel him forward.

Dubba doo?

This is a silly little video of nothing, really, but I wanted to capture this funny babbling that Linus has been doing lately the fact that he climbs onto Mina’s little play area is just a bonus. I’ll translate: The…


Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be riding a bike? Make sure you turn the sound up, both so you can hear him laughing and for his little song: “duck-a-duck-a-duck-a-duck!”



Poor Linus. Poor us! He is going through the 18-month sleep regression. That means some days he wakes at 4am and demands to start the day. Of course he crashes at 9am, and then he looks so sweet you can’t…


We dinner get nearly as much snow as they originally predicted – just a light dusting. Still, the boys decided to make the best of it.

December 16 - Jan 3

December 16 – Jan 3

You’re not going to see the holiday photos you would expect in this post. We had two very low-key holidays. We didn’t set up a tree, and we didn’t even wrap most of Linus’s presents. Really the only thing we…


I read an article yesterday on the importance of playing with low-tech toys with your kids – as in, get down on the floor and play with the toy, make the noises, and let them see you using the toy for…

December 1 - 16

December 1 – 16

December came up so fast! I guess I could make a similar statement at the start of each post. I feel as if every day just flies away from me now. I wish I had more time to just sit…

November 8 - 30, 2015

November 8 – 30, 2015

I’m getting a little behind with these posts! We’re trying to get out and do as much as we can while the weather is still decent, and it isn’t leaving much room for pausing and documenting. I suppose that’s one…


Tonight Linus decided to feed himself with a spoon. He actually did a decent job.

Vacation in Williamsburg VA

Vacation in Williamsburg VA

There won’t be any holiday travel for us this year with Little Sister coming so soon, so we took a week away in while we could. Our criteria were: a short, direct plane ride; slightly warmer temperatures; plenty of Linus-friendly…