La Paz (Day 6, the Last Day)

We ended our trip on an excellent note. We headed over to Fun Baja and got fitted for our wet suits, then headed out to Isla Espíritu Santo. I have to say I really love being on boats (“I’ve often…

Bird Census Update

Two more for the list today: a Crested Caracara and a Brown Booby.

La Paz (Day 5: Fishing)

Well, now we know something we didn’t this morning: I’m not terribly into deep sea fishing. Oh, I had a good time, and I’m really glad I did it. But there were things I didn’t love, as you’ll see. Getting…


Add to the bird census: a raven. I don’t know what on Earth he’s doing here, but he’s being awfully loud about it.

La Paz (Day 4)

After morning puttering, we took a cab into town to do some shopping and pick up fishing licenses for tomorrow. I bought myself a little bird and Kris found something for ourselves, but beyond that our only contribution to the…


The wind has died down and it’s warm enough that the little birds are coming out. We’ve got a hummingbird on the patio this morning.

La Paz (day three)

Another chilly (relatively) lazy day. Another run that Kris estimates about 4.5 miles – not long, but a bit more than I’m used to. Wandering on the beach. Amusing the grounds crew. The bird census: a Snowy Egret, a Reddish…

La Paz (Day 2)

Not a lot of photos today. The wind that came in yesterday afternoon has made it unusually cold (one of the hotel staff said it’s the coldest day he remembers – which is 60 degrees), so snorkeling was canceled. We…

You Might Get Sea Sick

I made a video of my feet walking through the water.

Pelicans in La Paz

La Paz (Day 1)

The journey here to La Paz was pretty harrowing. We began by getting on the last flight to leave Boston before things were shut down. I couldn’t say whether flights are back up and running – look to the comments,…