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Weekend Photos

Weekend Photos

You’re probably looking for Yen’s beautiful photos for this week. They’re not quite ready yet, so here are a few of the inferior ones from my phone. We’ve got about 40 inches of snow on the ground, and up to…


Here’s Linus giving me kisses. They’re pretty moist!

How do you do that thing with your mouth?!

Linus in the Snow

Linus in the Snow

Lots of snow today! Linus really doesn’t know what to think of all of it.

Sitting Up!

Sitting Up!

Linus’s new trick for the new year: he can sit up by himself! It happened so fast. He went from pushing himself up a little when he leaned on us, to full sitting in just a day. Of course I…



Here’s Linus getting a manicure. Yen has the technique down! He sits on the mat in his office because it’s black, so he can see the little nails when he’s done. Then he puts a video of an aquarium on…

Whirled Peas

I hope Linus’s interest in all foods that come his way will continue into his boyhood. He’s game for anything we put on a spoon! Yesterday we gave him peas for the first time, and he absolutely loved it. Today…

Drinking From a Bottle

This is rather long, but once I started recording, I didn’t want to stop until he finished! You can really see here how insistent he is about bottle handling. Here’s one interesting note, though: on the rare occasions when I…

Bath time!

Mr Baby loves his baths! I captured videos of last night’s bath time. And yes, I did work very hard to keep the rated G.

Darn that paparazzi!

Poor Linus. He was just trying to listen to music in peace, and I had to start making a video.

The Airplane

One of my favorite things in the evening is to play airplane with Linus.

The Milk Badger

I don’t often get to see Linus with a bottle, so I took this video last night. He does NOT like it when that bottle goes away!

The Performance

This is what we generally do in the evenings. Linus seems to enjoy it.

Reading a Story

This book has no words, so we always make up a story when we “read” it. Linus seems to be getting into the act – when he’s not hiccuping, of course.