Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Just a couple of quick notes from the weekend. First, Linus got a new tricycle! Here he’s looking a little startled as he tries it out in the garage. He got a little more excited when we took it for…

Bi Bo!

Here’s Linus bi bo-ing all over the house:

Climbing the Stairs

He’s getting terrifyingly good at climbing the stairs! And yes, he always screams like that on the way up. He’s so proud.

Hide and Seek

Linus and I play Hide and Seek a lot. Not that he needs more practice crawling – he’s already a pro! But he seems to enjoy it. Last night Yen took a video of it, but Linus decided that what…

Eating Noodles

Here’s Linus eating noodles out of Yen’s bowl of pho. Toward the end you can see that he has the slurping technique down!

Bike Accessories

Linus got some new accessories for his bike this weekend, a bell and a windshield. And yes, he did ring that bell for the first ten minutes of the trip.

Linus Crawling

I finally caught a little video of Linus crawling. It’s brief because he’s so fast! You can see his method a little – it’s a got a side-saddle quality to it. If you’ve ever done yoga, consider Half Pigeon Pose:…

First Bike Ride

First Bike Ride

Linus had his first bike ride yesterday. I will skip to the end: he loved it. I’m pretty sure that I will get home tonight to find him waiting by the front door holding his helmet. We’ve been talking a long time…


Linus loves peekaboo so much! There’s a great moment around 00:25 when I surprise him by coming around to the other side, and he does an extended belly laugh. Also check out at the end when he realized that he…

Random Videos

I almost forgot about these! This one is from Linus playing on the couch. It starts dark (because of the windows), but I promise it gets lighter. Here’s more from that same afternoon. He keeps doing that funny silent “talking”!…



Linus had his first taste of phở today. He loved it (naturally – it’s in his genes!). The only surprise was just how much he loved it. The moment the spoon goes away, he starts protesting for more. In case…

Eating a Carrot

Tonight at dinner I handed Linus a baby carrot.


I decided to offer Linus pieces of banana yesterday instead of puree. After all, he puts everything in his mouth that he can get his hands on. Turns out the texture of banana was just too appealing (ha!), and he…

Laughing at the Mommy Monster

Here’s Linus cracking up at my ferocious growling. By the way, in case you’re curious why there’s always a Huggies box in the background of our videos: that’s our recycling box! And, yes, we do know it will have to…

Snowpocalypse: Jan 26 & 27, 2015

Snowpocalypse: Jan 26 & 27, 2015

Here a time lapse Yen made of the huge snow storm we got a few weeks ago. And here’s a photo of clearing our front walk. What a mess.