Still Biking

Linus is getting even better at biking. Check him out around 1:10, when he really gets moving and his little feet barely touch the ground – just enough to propel him forward.

Mina Laughs

Our little lady started laughing this week. Yen hadn’t heard it, and I hadn’t managed to get it on video. And then we got this surprise in the middle of dinner.

Dubba doo?

This is a silly little video of nothing, really, but I wanted to capture this funny babbling that Linus has been doing lately the fact that he climbs onto Mina’s little play area is just a bonus. I’ll translate: The…


Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be riding a bike? Make sure you turn the sound up, both so you can hear him laughing and for his little song: “duck-a-duck-a-duck-a-duck!”

Linus Entertains Mina

Linus isn’t exactly Mina’s biggest fan, but occasionally he can be very sweet with her – or at least tolerant (which is all I really ask). Here’s one of those moments.

March 11, 2016

Little Mina is two months old now! I can’t believe how quickly the time passes. It feels like just yesterday that a nurse set her on my chest just as she was born, and I marveled at how very solid…


We dinner get nearly as much snow as they originally predicted – just a light dusting. Still, the boys decided to make the best of it.


I read an article yesterday on the importance of playing with low-tech toys with your kids – as in, get down on the floor and play with the toy, make the noises, and let them see you using the toy for…


Tonight Linus decided to feed himself with a spoon. He actually did a decent job.


If it has wheels, Linus will bi bo it! Here he is shopping at Lowe’s this weekend.

Swimming Lessons - Update

Swimming Lessons – Update

Our brave young swimmer is still enjoying his swimming lessons. He’s got one more class next week, then a two-week hiatus before the Fall session begins. He’s the littlest guy in the class – by an entire year, I would…

Tap Your Head

Ba Noi taught Linus a little thing that ba nois say to little kids: Clap your hands and Grandma will give you a cake If you don’t, Grandma will hit you on the head Don’t worry: if anyone ever tried…

Swimming Lessons

Linus is still having his Monday swimming lessons. The other kids never showed up for the 7:30 class, so he’s been moved to the 7:00 class. That’s very helpful, as 8:00 is bedtime! Being with all of the other kids…

Drinking from a straw is hard work!

Linus - Weeks 45-47

Linus – Weeks 45-47

Linus had a lot of adventures during these weeks! First up, he’s really mastering walking. In this series, you can see him toddling over to Ba Noi. He’s obviously very proud of himself – and should be! We’re working with…