Cat Suit Selfie

Linus is very excited about his Halloween costume. I turned the camera around so he could see himself.


I keep trying to capture Linus speaking his unique made-up language, but he always clams up when he sees me recording. Here I tried to hide what I was doing and managed to film him a bit (although you’ll notice…


A couple of videos from our little hike this weekend. We definitely need to take them out for hikes more often. As you’ll see, Linus really enjoys it.

Look, Mommy. No feet!

Our little daredevil has just started to hold his feet up as he costs along. He’s so fast! Notice about halfway through when he screeches to a halt. That’s what he does when he sees a car. Safety first!

Ticklish Mina

Mina is so ticklish! I don’t remember Linus developing a “tickle spot” quite this early, but she has one under her collarbone!

Still Biking

Linus is getting even better at biking. Check him out around 1:10, when he really gets moving and his little feet barely touch the ground – just enough to propel him forward.

Mina Laughs

Our little lady started laughing this week. Yen hadn’t heard it, and I hadn’t managed to get it on video. And then we got this surprise in the middle of dinner.

Dubba doo?

This is a silly little video of nothing, really, but I wanted to capture this funny babbling that Linus has been doing lately the fact that he climbs onto Mina’s little play area is just a bonus. I’ll translate: The…


Have you ever seen anyone so happy to be riding a bike? Make sure you turn the sound up, both so you can hear him laughing and for his little song: “duck-a-duck-a-duck-a-duck!”

Linus Entertains Mina

Linus isn’t exactly Mina’s biggest fan, but occasionally he can be very sweet with her – or at least tolerant (which is all I really ask). Here’s one of those moments.

March 11, 2016

Little Mina is two months old now! I can’t believe how quickly the time passes. It feels like just yesterday that a nurse set her on my chest just as she was born, and I marveled at how very solid…


We dinner get nearly as much snow as they originally predicted – just a light dusting. Still, the boys decided to make the best of it.


I read an article yesterday on the importance of playing with low-tech toys with your kids – as in, get down on the floor and play with the toy, make the noises, and let them see you using the toy for…


Tonight Linus decided to feed himself with a spoon. He actually did a decent job.


If it has wheels, Linus will bi bo it! Here he is shopping at Lowe’s this weekend.