Hand Stand

Mina is incredibly goal driven. She decides she wants to be able to do something, and then she endlessly works on it until she masters it. Sometimes to the point where we all start yelling at her to take a…

Teeny Toothbrush Robot

Linus has been taking a class this week on circuit design. At first he was mad at me for making him go to school after school is out for the summer, but he’s been enjoying all of the projects. Each…

April to June in a Flash

Here’s another one-second look at each of our days in the last few months.

Burpee Tutorial

Mina is always enthusiastic for exercise, but Linus often plays trains while we all work out. So I was very excited a few days ago when he asked her to teach him to do burpees, and then wanted to record…

A Visit with David

A Visit with David

I’m fully vaccinated, so I hopped on a plane to visit David! We refused to try to figure out just how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other. Much better late than never. We spent most of the weekend…


Linus offers a tour of a lobster (which he calls a shrimp here but loudly corrects himself whenever he sees this video). It really cracks me up, but then again, I am his mom.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

We went away from home for the first time since December 2019 this weekend! Yen and I are both fully vaccinated, and we were confident we could keep the kids away from people. It was Linus’s April vacation, so… It…

Old Cars

Linus’s current passions are taking videos and finding old cars in the forest. It’s a difficult combination because now I have literally hundreds of inscrutable videos on my phone and constant warnings about storage space. Here are two he’s particularly…

Skate Park

Mina brought her bike to the park, but I guess she just preferred to run. I asked Linus what he was doing in the back. “Picking up some screws and washers,” he said.


Roller Blading

In case you ever wanted to learn, Linus has made this handy tutorial. And Mina gets into the action too!

Animal Sounds

Here are all the animal sounds (according to Mina).

The Little Manatees (by Cha and Mina)

Check out this duet!

First run on a treadmill

Mina is a natural runner, so we were pretty sure she’d enjoy the treadmill. Yen asks her, “Do you like it?” and she says, “I like it!”

How to fly (for bats)

Here’s Mina instructing her little bat, Dead Mosquitos, in the art of flying.