Skate Park

The kids have been obsessed lately with skate parks, sometimes with scooters and sometimes with bikes. Check them out on the ramps!

Escape Artist

Yesterday we were all outside when Mina asked me to put her in the car. She said she wanted to play. I opened the front door, but she said no, she wanted to get in the back. I closed the…



We have been plagued by chipmunks this summer. They chewed their way into our shed where I keep the birdseed. They made a nest under the deck. And I can see them eyeballing our young tomato plants. There was much…

Tower Saw

This is an off-label use of Circuits Jr, but it works. Linus calls this game Tower Saw because you make a tower and he builds a saw to knock it down. Hours of fun!

Anh David and the Boulder Thief

I relayed to the kids a story David told me recently. Linus was so entranced I’ve had to tell it at least 10 times. Tonight he made a movie of it.

April 2020

April 2020

People I work with keep joking about gaining “the covid 19” – a poor-taste nod to the fact that we’re all baking so much. It’s certainly true in our house (though I’m pleased to say that none of us has…

March 2020

March 2020

Back in early February I read a book about the virtues of an unprocessed, plant-based diet. Since then we have largely been eating this way – with exceptions for the kids’ milk and yogurt, of course. They really haven’t minded…

February 2020

February 2020

February begins, not with Linus and Mina, but with Bartleby. I don’t know how she managed to hitch a ride to Wegmans, but once there she managed to continue her journey by riding on the cart lift. With all of…

January 2020

It’s 72 degrees and sunny as I write this, but try to think back when it was old and the sun was setting at 4pm. There. Now you’re in the mood for some late Christmas carols. And now that you’ve…

Unicorn Spirit

Mina has drawn the cover of her first book, which (in case you can’t read) is called “Unicorn Spirit.” It’s about horses and unicorns with springs on their feet so they can jump very high. I am accepting bids for…

New Scooters

A few of you have expressed surprised that the kids don’t have scooters. We have resisted buying them because we were worried it would interfere with learning to bike. But now the kids are both confident cyclists, so that’s less…

The Clown and Her Straight Man

I put my ancient clown costume on Mina and asked her to pose for a photo. She had trouble standing still, but Linus (who photo bombed) looked like he was waiting for the flash.

Mina Takes a Call

Mina has learned a lot watching me work during the past month. It turns out I’m a bit of a monster.

Staying Busy

Staying Busy

For the benefit of future reading: we’re still locked inside, waiting out COVID-19. We’re on the 4th week, and we’ve developed a bit of a rhythm – which isn’t to say there isn’t a moment each day when I’m grateful…

Dancing Queen

I know I’ve mentioned many times what an intense dancer Mina is. I caught a couple of videos for you.