Linus the Bat

The kids have figured out how to hang upside down in the hammock.

September 21 - October 20, 2019

September 21 – October 20, 2019

I posted two nice entries about our vacation, and then disappeared! But we get to pick up right where we left off. In fact, in these first photos, it’s the very next morning after we returned home. We’re all horribly…

Big Girl Biking

After just a couple of weeks of Yen skating behind and pushing her, Mina figured out pedals and started biking on her own! Then Yen worked with her for another week and now she can even start out on her…

What about the lifeguard kiss?

Mina is very patient with Linus’s affection… Until she’s suddenly not.

Cable Car

Linus designed a cable car after riding one up Cannon Mountain. He takes me through all of the safety procedures.

Trans on the Go

This is going to exhaust you. It’s a series of videos of the Tran kids… Well, being the Tran kids. Running through the house: Biking at a skate park. Don’t worry – they’re both OK. This happens all the time! Biking…

Public Service Announcements

Mina’s guide to washing your hands. And how to brush your teeth:

Running Wild

We decided to take the kids on a small hike before dinner (I guess 90 minutes biking on rough trails this morning wasn’t enough…), but Mina decided we should run. I guess we’ll all sleep well tonight! In case you…

May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019

The kids are very busy with outdoor activities lately. Linus had his last skating lesson this week. Unfortunately Yen forgot his helmet, so he had to wear one from lost and found. Don’t worry: he was only pretending to be…


Well this is embarrassing! Linus is officially better at skating than I am. Look at him go! Sometimes you can’t see him because his biggest fan, Mina, gets in front of the camera.


You may recall that our previous attempts to get Linus out onto the ice were met with tepid results. This year, though, we put him back in formal lessons, and something just clicked. He’s suddenly confident enough that he’s surpassed…

Linus Wishes Mommy Would Stay Home

Linus Wishes Mommy Would Stay Home

Linus hates Sundays. Usually around 5pm he seems to realize what day it is, because he inevitably asks if I’m staying home the next day. When I explain that I’m not, he gets pretty down. Tonight after that conversation he…

January 2019

January 2019

To warm up, let’s have a little dance: Yen put his old tripod on Linus’s camera, so he’s been taking a lot more photos (now that they’re less blurry). He looks like such a little pro! We had an unusually…

Hilton Head Island Beach

We’re on Hilton Head Island for a week of getting warm. We deserve it! Last week the entire house had the flu – I missed three days of work, and really should have stayed home on the fourth as well….

Shake it!

Aunt Jenny got Mina a karaoke microphone for her birthday. Which means I have to get Henry a puppy for his. But anyway, she obviously loves it. The sound quality isn’t great because the dishwasher is on, but here she…