Guess who called me today via Skype.

The ARR Baby

One of the things we do here at work is scoff at people who don’t understand reuse, copyright and intellectual property. All day long: “What’s the license say?” “CC BY-NC.” “Then why are you even bothering me?” And yet I’m…

Halloween (now with better resolution!)

More photos from Halloween courtesy of Brent. Prepare to weep from cute. By the way, Jenny made that costume. Or perhaps “invented” is the better term. Is she not supermom?


Look at this wee Totoro!

The Chandler Family

Took a family portrait this morning.

The Daddy and the Baby

Bath Time

Now with More Ruby

You’ve been so good today, that I’m going to give you more photos. Look at this foot! This is her second outfit of the day. We will not speak of what happened to the first.

Meeting Ruby

I arrived yesterday evening, and look what I found. It’s nice that Jenny is following my policy that babies should be in stripes as often as possible. Here’s Mama and baby. Today, she left the stripes and is sporting an…


Here’s the first photo of little Ruby, finally born yesterday morning. Jenny is a total champ, suffering some 50 hours of labor. Isn’t she beautiful?

Elephants at MIT

When Ringling Bros. comes to town, the train parks in Cambridge, and the elephants and ponies have march down through MIT, around by the river, and across the Charles River to the site of the circus. Track removal years ago…

Ipswich River (again, again)

Yeah, I went back. Please don’t make fun of me. This time I brought a Scout. She explained that while it’s OK for me to keep posting photos of birds, I also need to mix it up with some other…

Ipswich River (again)

I’m basically haunting the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. Took several new trails yesterday and basically did a big loop around the whole thing. Lots of wood ducks, red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, not to be confused with Sciurus vulgaris, which ain’t…

Ipswich River

Yesterday I went to the Ipswich River sanctuary with the Martises, and today I went back again. Now I have some bird photos for you. First, nothing special: a chickadee. They’re like pigeons at this place. They will come over…

Great Meadows

I’ve been meaning to head over to Great Meadows one evening after work. It’s about an hour to walk the whole loop, and I figured there’d be good bird watching near sunset. So, essentially, the perfect post-work walk. Today was…